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Can anyone really look after your dog as well as you can? Of course not! Dogwoods Lodge aims to be the trusted family you confidently bring your pooch to for grooming, daycare, training, or boarding needs. We are a group of people who share a passion for dogs and constantly educate ourselves on how to improve the care we give. From our academy-trained groomers to our certified trainers, your furry love will stay safe and happy in our care.

In providing a safe environment, cleanliness and supervision are primary focuses within our facility. Common areas were created with rubberized floors or custom dog turf to ensure proper sanitation when we clean meaning your beloved animal will stay healthy during their time with us. Supervision of all dog activities and interactions are done by our trained and certified professionals. Our team is self-motivated in their pursuit of furthering their knowledge of dog care. While a true love of animals is a must, we look for staff members who go the extra mile to have a well-rounded education about how to keep your dog safe and at ease while you are not around. Day after day, dogs show such love and loyalty. Dogwoods Lodge wants to provide the highest quality experience in return.

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Thinking of kennel makes one immediate think, cage. We prefer a lodging experience for our overnight guests. The room types you can choose for your dog is between our Cabins or Chalets. The Cabin option comes with a comfy bed, up to 90 sq. ft. of space, and views of the hallway. The Chalet is a slightly more upgrade option including a large plush bed, up to 170 sq. ft. of space, and views of the yard and hallway. Both options come with in-room TVs for background noise and up to 7 outings a day. Some may say these accommodates are excessive, but we say it's welcoming. A big stressor for a dog is not being around their people. Our accommodations are to allow them to be as relaxed and at ease as possible while they are away from you. In turn, the owner receives peace of mind knowing they are safe a truly being looked after. Let's face it. Neither party will truly be happy while away from the other, but Dogwood Lodge is here to help make the time a positive experience!

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