Dog Training in Des Moines IA

Whether you are looking to for your dog to gain obedience and manners, or you're just looking to have some fun with your pup while you're both learning, we offer training services for you both! Dogwoods Lodge offers a variety of training classes thanks to the different academic backgrounds of our trainers. Whatever way your dog learns, we will find the method that works for them.

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Dog Training

Just as children need to be taught right from wrong or when to pay attention to an adult to stay safe, your dog must be taught the same. Knowing your dog will listen to you at the moment you need them to, is a vital factor in keeping them and others around safe. Puppy obedience and socialization training is, of course, a popular program we have, but our trainers also hold experience in working with dogs of any age. If aggression issues or separation anxiety arise, we have different methods and class types to address those behaviors. We believe that no one method works for all dogs. Behavioral issues can be ongoing or begin out of nowhere for several reasons, so knowing more about your dog's specific history will help our trainers figure out the most effective approach to counteract the behavior you wish to change. Training also isn't just for the dog. We will teach you techniques that properly communicate to your dog what you want them to understand. As much as you may want to be lenient with loving with your furry friend, you could also be sending mixed signals about the type of behavior that is acceptable.

Areas we see the most involve obedience, people/dog distractions, aggression, and lack of attention. After you explain what the behavior issue is, our trainers can help walk you through the variety of classes offered. Primarily for dogs with aggression issues, we offer at-home classes to begin addressing the behavior in an environment where your animal is more comfortable and less distracted. In-lodge options consist of group training or private training with class frequencies ranging from twice a week to a more extensive five-week program. No matter the behavioral change you wish to see in your pooch, Dogwoods Lodge has the resources and know-how to give you and your dog a better life together!

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