The Dogwoods Experience

Dogwoods Lodge was created with the belief that the dogs and people of Des Moines deserve better. We set out to create a place for owners to leave their dogs where they could feel confident that they would be well cared for. And, that’s just what we did!

Our Priorities

Cleanliness. Our facility boasts a cleaning regimen that makes hospitals envious. Come sniff for yourself!

Security. You shouldn't have to worry when leaving your loved one behind. Dogwoods Lodge is the Fort Knox of dog facilities and has taken precautions against your climbers, jumpers, diggers, and escape artists.

Customer Service. Whether canine or human, we will treat you like part of the family.

Convenience. Now your dog can be exercised, groomed, trained, and lodged all in one place. And, since Dogwoods is only 2 minutes off of I35/I80, it is a quick stop for busy travelers and commuters alike. We also feature after-hours drop-off and pick-up. How great is that?!

Fun. Yep! We said it. Fun. Whether your canine companion is here for the day, a week, or just a class, he is sure to enjoy himself at our first class facility.

Quality. Everything at Dogwoods Lodge is meticulously planned to deliver the highest quality experience for our guests and clients. This includes our top-notch employee training programs, academy-trained trainers and groomers, first-class facility, specialty programs, and more.

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Where Every Dog
is a Happy Camper