Policies & FAQ - Training

Science! Our trainers are schooled in the science behind how dogs think and learn. This gives us a huge number of possible solutions to any given problem. We will find whatever method works best to solve the problem for you and your dog.
We try to accommodate any schedule. However, preferred hours are 9am - 6pm on Monday through Friday (by appointment).
*Saturday and Sunday not available
Dogs learn at different paces so training can't be one size fits all. By having a 3-5 week window, it allows us to go at the dog's pace instead of rushing things to beat a deadline. We want to make sure we send your dog home when they're ready.
Yes, we can help with behavior modification for reactivity and aggression.
That depends on your needs. We are more than happy to discuss our training programs with you to help you choose the right program for you and your dog.
  • 48 hours for Private Lessons (In-Home or at Dogwoods). If training is cancelled without the proper notice, you will be charged for that lesson.
  • 1 week for Classes, Lodge'n'Train, Day School and Puppy Bootcamp. If training is cancelled without the proper notice, your deposit will be forfeited.
Absolutely! Our "A-la-carte" and Lodge 'n Train options are made just for that! For shorter stays, we can work on smaller issues like jumping, counter surfing, and tricks. For longer visits, we can work on just about anything - stays, recall, behavior issues, you name it! When you pick up, we will make sure the dog responds to your commands, as well.
Yes! We do a lot of e-collar* work (remote collar). Off-leash training takes time, but is so rewarding in the end. We can train your dog for you, or we can train you how to teach your dog on your own.
*Our trainer is certified in e-collar training from the International School Of Dog Trainers.
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