Pricing & Activities

Lodge Pricing

  Non-Peak Rates Peak Rates
Cabin $70 $75
Cabin w/ Patio $75 $80
Chalet $80 $85
Chalet w/ Patio $85 $90

Peak Rates apply for all major holidays, spring break, and summer (May-Sept). Note: Spring Break and Holidays require a 3 night minimum stay.

Dogs checking out after 10am will be charged an additional 1/2 day.

Prices listed are per dog per night.
Additional dogs in the same room receive 50% off.
Additional rooms are 25% off.

Play Day Package: $40 (includes day-stay w/2 activities)

New Client Specials

Customize Your Pup's Stay

Add any of these to make your pup's stay even more enjoyable.

ServiceLengthFee2nd Dog
Cuddle Time
15-20 minutes of cuddling/personal attention with one of our dog-loving staff.
15-20 minutes $17.5 $8.75*
Buddy Time
15-20 minutes of playtime with 1-2 other dogs. Great for dogs who love to play, but are intimidated by the large Daycamp pack environment.
15-20 minutes $17.5 $8.75*
Private Play Time
15-20 minutes of playtime with a staff member and toys (not dogs).
15-20 minutes $17.5 $8.75*
Private Walk
15-20 minute walk or run around the neighborhood.
15-20 minutes $17.5 $8.75*
2 Hr. Playtime
2 hours of Daycamp to wear them out!
2 hours $23.5 $23.5
Let your dogs play all day while you are away! A social assessment is required.
 all day $30 $30
Brush Out Coat varies $1/min $1/min
Training one hour $75 $37.50*
Puppy Pix
Get a picture of your dog texted to you while you are away!
  1/$5, 3/$10, 5/$15 Free if in same room
Bedtime cuddle, plus a greenie!
5 minutes $7 $3.5
Room Service
Choose from our selection of room service goodies to keep your dog busy and happy. Room service treats can be bought at our store and include smoked cow bones, frosty paws, bully sticks, frozen peanut butter kongs, and more.
  prices vary prices vary
Meds per administration 50¢ 50¢
Groom or Bath Service varies varies  

*2 dogs must do the service together to receive discount.


We can train your dog while you are away! Email our trainer at to learn more.

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Treat your dog to a day of pampering in our Grooming salon during their stay.

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