Policies & FAQ - Grooming

Our groomer was trained at Paragon, one of the most respected schools in the country. This means she has the knowledge and ability to tackle just about anything you can throw at her.
Arrivals are currently scheduled for 7:30-8am, and 2-2:15pm. We use specific times so that the groomer is there to check in the dogs personally.
Groom times vary greatly. You will receive a text message when your dog is finished. He/she must be picked up within 45 minutes of that text. If that's not possible, we offer "Spa Days" so they can stay and play.
A deposit of 50% of your estimate is due at the time of placing a grooming appointment. Appointments must be cancelled a minimum of 48 hours in advance or the deposit will be forfeited (except in the case of an emergency). If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice, the deposit will be refunded.

Prices will vary depending on the dog's size, coat type and condition, and temperament. Prices are subject to change at any time.
Your visit to our Lodge should be a great experience for you and your pup. We will always strive to make you happy with our service. If we ever miss the mark, please let us know within 2 days so that we can fix our shortcoming.
Yes, however unaltered females will not be allowed to groom while in heat.
It depends on how aggressive they are. If we feel that we cannot safely groom them, or we are causing them too much stress, we will discuss other options with you. Please note: We charge an extra fee for "difficult dogs".
Stop by with your dog any time our groomer is in (call to make sure.) Or, you may call and she can give you a price range over the phone.
For first time clients, you must fill out our "new client info", send in your dog's vaccines, and then call to book your first appointment.

For existing grooming clients, you may use the Client Portal to request an appointment time. Or, you can call (515) 986-7387 or text the groomer directly at (408) 785-7344.
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