Page Bennett

Page Bennett · Head Trainer

Certified Professional Canine Trainer

Page Bennett is a highly experienced, skilled, well-rounded trainer. She is knowledgeable in the science of how dogs learn, and is fluent in various equipment and techniques including: reward-based, e-collar, head-halti, clicker, prong collar and more.  At this point, Page has trained over 1000 dogs. This means she has experienced it all, giving her experience and knowledge that cannot be taught in any book.

A native of Minnesota, Page moved to Iowa to be closer to family and fell in love with all that Des Moines has to offer. She's been a member of the team since 2013 and has always had a passion for understanding and working with dogs. Before Dogwoods Lodge, she worked in a shelter and gained a desire to help dogs and their owners communicate, leading her to begin her journey towards training. When she’s not helping dogs be their best selves, Page enjoys hiking with her Blue Heeler Nyx, spending time with her family, hanging out with friends, playing DnD, watching movies, and trying new foods.

Education & Certifications

  • Certified Professional Canine Trainer, DWL Training Academy, 2014
  • CGC Evaluator
  • 6-month Training Apprenticeship under Jessica Tapper, 2016
  • APDT Conference, 2017
  • IACP Conference, 2018

Ongoing Education

  • Constant ongoing education through seminars, memberships, magazines, and videos including:
  • Dr. Tim Lewis: Biology of Dog Aggression
  • Aggression & Misbehavior Modification with Pat Miller and Trish King
  • Sexier Than a Squirrel Seminar
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