Libby · Mascot

Libby is our owner's dog. She is one of the smartest, fastest learners who ever lived. She loves to learn new things, catch bunnies, alert her mom to low/high blood sugars, and act like a mountain goat whenever possible. 

*Libby passed away of old age in spring of 2023. She will be missed.

Nickname: The Libbinator

Breed: 100% purebred mutt (best guess: Chihuahua/Great Dane mix)

Size: 25 lbs

Abilities: She can jump like a Jack Russell and run faster than most dogs twice her height. She is an incredibly fast learner and is a master of the clicker.

Temperament: Bashful, adorable, playful, loves to lick, incredibly smart

Fortes: Tricks

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