Kylie Forkner

Kylie Forkner · Lodge Manager

I grew up in Humeston, Iowa. I constantly surrounded myself with all sorts of animals, especially stray dogs and cats. I always had a dog growing up whether it was a stray I found or one we adopted. I always found myself working around animals as well. As a teenager, I found jobs working with show horses or helping small town farmers on their cattle or hog farm. Having a love for animals and being surrounded by farmers helped push me to further my education. I decided to go to DMACC in Ankeny to get my AAS degree in Agribusiness. So my fiance and I moved up to Des Moines with my two dogs, Rockie and Ryder (also found as a stray). My love for animals is what led me here, where I was able to quickly move my way up through almost all the departments to end up as the Lodging/Daycamp Assistant Manager, and now Lodge Manager! I of course would like to make my way back into livestock agriculture at some point, but I really enjoy where I'm at now, making all sorts of connections with people and dogs.

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