Jessica Lohry Tapper

Jessica Lohry Tapper · Owner & Head Trainer

Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist
Certified Professional Canine Trainer
Certified E-Collar Trainer

Jessica, a native of Sioux City, IA, started her career out of Iowa State as a product designer/engineer. But, she found her true calling years later; she went to Triple Crown Academy School of Dog Training (now Starmark Academy) where she earned degrees as a Certified Canine Professional Trainer and Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist. She opened Pooch Academy Dog Training in 2009, and has enjoyed helping people and their dogs ever since.

Jessica has built a name for herself in the metro as the “go-to” trainer for tough behavior cases, as well as high-quality board ’n train services. She prides herself on her diverse education rooted in dog psychology, as it allows her to tackle all types of issues. She has also trained multiple diabetic alert dogs, a cause close to her heart as a lifetime diabetic.

Her backgrounds as designer, engineer, business woman and dog guru have come together to build an amazing facility that she is thrilled to share with everyone (and their furry friends).

Education & Certifications

  • BA in Engineering Applications, Iowa State University, 2004
  • Certified Canine Professional Trainer, Triple Crown Academy School of Dog Training, 2009
  • Certified Canine Behavioral Specialist, Triple Crown Academy School of Dog Training, 2009
  • Certified E-Collar Trainer, International School for Dog Trainers, 2014

Ongoing Education

  • Numerous APDT and IACP conferences, 2009-2014
  • International School for Dog Trainers Remote Collar (E-Collar) seminar with Martin Deeley, 2014
  • Head Halti seminar with Heather Beck, 2016
  • APDT conference, 2017
  • IPBSA conference, 2018
  • IACP conference, 2018
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