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Why I’m Thankful for my Dog

Why I’m Thankful for my Dog
Dogwoods Lodge employees share what they love best about their four-legged friends.

This time of year it’s easy to get caught up with the turkey and discounted shopping. But we really should take time to reflect on the things we’re truly thankful for. And for these Dogwoods Lodge employees, they’re most thankful for their dogs!


Caitlin is thankful for Argo!

  •  Caitlin AuerBreed: Border Collie Mix
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Nickname: Booper (She likes to “boop” her nose against mine)
  • Tricks: Argo can open and close cupboards, spin, play dead, high five, and we even share secret hand shake.
  • Temperament: Argo is a total sweetheart, but she has a little sass in her. She loves people as well as playing with other dogs — especially if they’ll run with her.
  • Favorite things to do together: I like taking Argo outdoors. She likes any game involving a Frisbee or water, so in the summer I take her paddle boarding and hiking.
  • Why I’m thankful for Argo: She’s my automatic playmate and right by my side for any adventure. Argo’s never failed to put a smile on my face, even after my worst day.
  • Argo’s favorite thing about Dogwoods Lodge: Argo loves seeing the staff and her doggie friends. And she loves the PB Kongs and Buddy Times when she’s lodging.


Ashley is thankful for Daisy!

  • BreedAshley Koester: Yorkie
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Nickname: Daisy Duke
  • Tricks: Daisy will shake if there’s a treat!
  • Temperament: When it’s me and her, she’s sweet and loving. Around other dogs, she’s a little shy.
  • Favorite things to do together: We love to cuddle. Also, she’s a licker.
  • Why I’m thankful for Daisy: She’s my best friend and fur baby. My life wouldn’t be the same without her, and I love getting to be her “mom.”


Andrew is thankful for Striker!

  • Snapchat-3539689623179998798Breed: Shih-Tzu
  • Age: 7 years old
  • Nickname: Strizz
  • Tricks: He can roll over and spin in a circle.
  • Temperament: Striker is chill. He thinks he’s the biggest dog in the room always.
  • Favorite things to do: Hang out with his best friend, Rass.  
  • Why I’m thankful for Striker: He’s my best pal.
  • Striker’s favorite thing about Dogwoods Lodge: He likes getting hot dogs from the trainer and hanging out with his dog pals that he’s made in Daycamp.


Erin is thankful for Gabbie, Toby and Sadie!

  • Erin dogBreed: Cockapoos
  • Ages: 9, 6 and 5 years old
  • Nicknames: Gabs, Toby T, Sadie Sue
  • Tricks: All three will sit, high five, and anything else as long as there’s a treat present.
  • Temperaments: They like to bark, but they love people. Toby likes to cuddle, and Sadie will jump in anyone’s lap.
  • Favorite things to do: Cuddle and play.   
  • Why I’m thankful for my Cockapoos: They make me smile every day.



Ben is thankful for Zelda!

  • Ben DogBreed: Border Collie
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Nickname: ZZ, Zelds, Zelda the Heavy Metal Princess
  • Tricks: Zelda can kiss on command, catch, and lie down. She goes nuts if you ask her if there’s a princess in the house.
  • Temperament: She’s active; she prefers to be outside and loves to explore every part of the yard.
  • Favorite things to do: Run and fetch her toys. She’s also the best cuddler when she finally calms down.
  • Why I’m thankful for Zelda: She is the sweetest lady on the planet and makes for a pretty awesome best friend.
  • Zelda’s favorite thing about Dogwoods Lodge: The bones and treats I bring home for her.



Janell is thankful for Emma and Foxie!

  • Breeds: Beagle and Pomeranian
  • Janell DogsAges: 8 and 12 years old
  • Tricks: Emma can tell time: She knows when we’re leaving, when it’s time to eat and when it’s time for bed. They both love to chase squirrels. And Foxie likes doing whatever Emma is doing.
  • Temperament: Emma loves all humans — especially kids. Foxie keeps to just our family. They both like to race the neighbor dogs through the fence.
  • Favorite things to do: Emma likes to snuggle, eat treats, run around the house and fight for my chair with Foxie. Foxie likes to bark and get a back scratch.
  • Why I’m thankful for Emma and Foxie: They snuggle with me and are always happy to see me. I laugh every day around them.
  • Emma’s and Foxie’s favorite thing about Dogwoods Lodge: They love getting baths and attention from the staff.


Page is thankful for Master and Messanger!

  • Page 1Page 2Breeds: Border Collie/English lab/American bulldog mix and Border Collie/English lab mix
  • Ages: 7 and 16 years old
  • Nicknames: BA, Baa, little brown dog; Mess or ol’ man
  • Tricks: Basic commands and Messanger can dance!
  • Temperament: Master is loving with the whole family—a little too much with the cat and Messanger. Messanger can be super silly sometimes and a grump other times. He spends most his time guarding his corner.
  • Favorite things to do: They both love belly rubs and snuggles. Master jumps on my lap for butt scratches and likes to play fetch. Messanger loves tug-o-war.
  • Why I’m thankful for Master and Messanger: These dogs brighten my day and cheer me up the instance I get home.
  • Master and Messanger’s favorite thing about Dogwoods Lodge: Messanger loves baths and treats at Dogwoods Lodge! Master also enjoys the treats and toys he gets there.



And the thing we’re most thankful for at Dogwoods Lodge? Getting to spend the days with awesome dogs like yours. We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


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