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3 ways to reduce the spook.

Halloween can be scary for your dogs.
3 ways to reduce the spook.


  1. The Spook: The Costume.

Who doesn’t want to see your dog as beloved Yoda or wrapped in a bun? Well, perhaps not your dog. Despite your pup’s unwillingness to wear a costume, safety concerns do crop up when get-ups get especially intricate: like immobility, strangulation, choking, snagging, and more.


The Save

First, never leave your dog unattended while they’re in costume. Next, make sure your pet is comfortable in their costume. This doesn’t mean they’ll bark for joy for the opportunity to dress up, but it does mean that they’ll be able to breath, move, and relax comfortably.


  1. The Spook: The Candy and Pumpkins.

We all know chocolate and sugar isn’t good for us — but it’s even more hazardous to our beloved dogs. From the toxic elements of many candies to the choking hazards of their wrappers and sticks, treats can play dangerous tricks on your dogs on All Hollow’s Eve.


The Save

Keep candy bowls off the floor and low tables. Make sure you children know the dangers of sharing Halloween spoils with their best furry friend. If you’re worried your pup has dug into the candy jar, be on the lookout for vomiting, diarrhea, severe agitation, and elevated heart rate. Take your dog to the vet if you see any symptoms.


  1. The Spook: The Doorbell and Its Visitors.

Maybe your dog gets anxious at the sound of the doorbell. The night of trick-or-treating, it rings again and again and again. Or maybe your dog likes to slip out the door. Or perhaps he’s afraid of new people—especially these people dressed in masks and with hats. Be sure to take extra precaution by the door to avoid a lost, anxious, or aggressive pet.


The Save

Consider camping your dog out in a room far from the front door for the night with a radio or TV playing to drown out the sound of the doorbell, knocks, and strangers and a chew toy to keep them busy. If the inevitable does happen, and your dog does sneak out, be sure to have proper identification that’s up to date to increase the chances of finding your friend.


And the easiest save of them all: Bring your dog to Dogwoods Lodge for the evening. We’ll keep your pooch happy, calm, and out of spook’s way.

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